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The management of refuse collection service
The refuse collection service must be recognised as an important and fundamental service in the world we live in. Our company has modern resources available for fulfilling this function such as lateral or rear loaders, the installation of underground hydraulic bin enclosures, the select collection of glass, cans, plastic, etc...

Selective collection
New system of collection of different types of pre-selected waste, such as glass, paper, different types of plastic, metal, batteries, fluorescent tubes, etc.

Underground refuse containers
Master Service, in its tireless campaign to improve the environment, has sought simple yet efficient solutions in order to solve problems, such as the installation of standardised containers, essential to many councils for the collection of waste.

Conventional collection
Based on the collection of solid urban refuse generated by users and deposited in officially approved bags, followed by depositing these in standardised containers, thus improving the quality and speeding up the development of the service. Our personnel receive ongoing training, and our equipment receives complete regular servicing: This guarantees an optimal service suited to each municipality, each neighbourhood, each street.

Side collection
New system of collection, based on the use of more modern refuse vehicles equipped with television cameras. As they are mono-operated, they do not require operators for the manual manipulation of the containers since the driver can handle all of the operations. Standardised containers of up to 3200 litres can be handled.

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