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Cleansing of public amenities
This comprises the cleaning and maintenance of public areas such as public toilets, changing room facilities, and refuse bin holding areas.

Public toilets
The general cleaning, sanitising, and disinfecting of all public toilet facilities, including the supply of toiletries and the repair of fittings. The cleaning of these facilities is much more demanding and delicate.

Operatives adhere to specified code of practice. Due to the high-risk element involved in this function, all operatives are suitably attired with protective clothing and especially conscious of health and safety practice.

Quality cleaning agents are used and these are periodically checked by quality control to always obtain optimum results.

Changing room sanitising
This comprises the cleaning and sanitising of showers and changing areas ensuring that these are kept clean and in a hygienic state at all times.

Bin holding areas
The cleaning and sanitising of bin holding cubicles providing a clean environment for the general public, who use these facilities when depositing their household refuse.

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