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The maintenance of street furniture
This includes the high pressure washing, with hot water and bio-degradable solutions where required, of litter bins, benches, bus shelters, letter boxes, traffic signs and lights, and graffiti removals. Specialised vehicles with integrated autonomus units are used. The painting and general upkeep and repair of all street furniture.

Cleaning and disinfecting
For cleaning street furniture and signs, mechanical equipment is used together with appropriate cleaning products, always of a biodegradable nature, not only for their cleansing properties but also in order to maintain them in a perfect state of hygiene.

These operations are geared to maintain in a perfect state of cleanliness those elements which form part of the street furniture of a city, such as rubbish bins, benches, traffic signs, traffic lights, fronts of buildings, etc. To carry out these works, Master Service has the necessary specialised staff and equipment in order to obtain the required results. The appropriate chemical products are used for each individual surface or item to be cleaned.

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