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he Road Network cleansing service is of fundamental importance given that roads and streets are used daily by the public. This service comprises both manual and mechanical sweeping, followed by the flushing of streets, squares, walks and pathways, adapting the use of both human and material resources to the requirements of each particular place.

Removal of Animal Excrement from the Public Highway
This service consists of the removal of animal excrement by using specialised mechanical equipment fitted with a special suction hose to remove animal excrement from public highways, green areas, etc.

Mechanical Sweeping
This operation consists of using mechanical sweepers adapted to the surface in question, as well as adapted to weather conditions, etc. Master Service is equipped with mechanical equipment which caters for sweeping operations, suction operations, or both these operations together, using machinery of different sizes and capacities, adapted to the requirements of each municipality. This mechanical sweeping is carried out in all accessible areas, such as streets, avenues, paths, etc.

Joint Sweeping
This operation consists of the joint use of both mechanical and manual sweeping. An operative sweeps the curb, depositing the litter in front of the mechanical sweeper, which then clears it up.

Mechanical Washing Down
To carry out this service, cistern lorries and vehicles specially designed for flushing (street flushers) are used, which with high-pressure water power sweep away the waste deposited on the pavements into the gutters of the drainage systems.

Joint Flushing
This service consists of the use of a cistern lorry together with manual washing down, connecting the hoses used by the operator to this same lorry, thus allowing the hosing away of waste from anywhere, including from under stationary cars and from other places with difficult access.

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